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We service some of New York & San Francisco’s most prestigious homes and celebrity clients

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“Zen Home is truly the best and most thorough cleaning service in NYC. We recently used Zen to have a power clean before we had a baby and they really worked like crazy to clean everything. Highly recommended.”

Seth R. New York, NY


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Our Zen Luxury Home Cleaning Process

The Perfect Arrival

The Perfect Arrival

*On Time Arrival
*In Uniform
*Equipped with all Eco Friendly Cleaning Products and indoor shoes

The Zen Cleaning

The Zen Cleaning

*We clean baseboard
*Underneath beds and couches
*Underneath couch cushions
Need We Say

Luxury Amenities

Luxury Amenities

*Turn down service with an organic treat left on your bed
*Aromatherapy Service
*Lavender Linen Mist

Quality Control

Quality Control

*Ensure that your home is locked and secure
*Ensure that your pets are safe
*Double check by doing a final walk through to ensure outstanding quality.



*Enjoy your Zen space
*Indulge in a cup of tea and your Zen Home organic treat
*Bask in the aromatherapy smell
*Sleep Well


Imagine walking into your apartment filled with the aromatic smell of lavender and lemongrass essential oils. Immaculately clean with sparking floors, clean baseboards, clean windows and fully detailed bathrooms and kitchen.

Sounds Good, doesn’t it?

In your bedroom, your beautifully made bed with fresh crisp linen has been expertly turned down, and on your pillow, a delicious organic chocolate, and a hand made sachet of herbal tea awaits. Home, yes, your home has gone from chaos to calm, now that you’ve finally found a maid service who understand what you want – and then give it to you…  Every single week.  Flawless service, staff who are trained to have an eye for detail, and using pure, gentle non-toxic products in your home.

Some of New York’s most prestigious homes and celebrity clients now use Zen Home Cleaning

but don’t just take our word for it, check out what the Wall Street Journal, The San Francisco Journal, The Daily Candy, and Time Out New York has to say about our services.

 Stop settling for ‘good enough’ when it comes to your home cleaning, and putting up with sub-standard cleaning, poor service, and breakages.

Your time is way too valuable for that.

 If you’re ready to trade up to a cleaning service who truly understand what it takes to provide a discreet and professional maid service, at competitive rates, it’s time to call Zen Home Cleaning.

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“I love Zen Home. I’ve been using them for 2 years now for every other week and have to say they are the best. They are very careful around my cats, I have two and love that their employees are very friendly to them. I also love the aromatherapy part of the service too. The use these special essential oils when cleaning so the place smells amazing.”

Yvette Johnson, San Francisco

  • "Imagine: spotless windows, shining countertops, sparkling hardwood, and squeaky clean ovens. Zen Home stops at nothing to get the job done."

  • "I'd book Zen Home, a cleaning service that uses non-toxic products. They burn essential oils while they clean and leave organic chocolates on your pillow."

  • "The Eco-Friendly element has proved a magnet for clients with health problems like asthma...Her business concept came from her own frustration with cleaning services who used harsh, toxic products."

  • "A visit from Zen home give the home the type of treatment one might expect from a five-star hotel, complete with a turn-down service, diffusion of aromatherapy oils, and organic chocolates on the pillow."

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