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Exemplary Apartment Cleaning Services

Wouldn’t it be great to return to your apartment each day with nothing to do but enjoy the evening?  Or better still, return to a spotless apartment with a turned-down lavender-scented bed?  Time outside of work should be fully yours, with no chores such as vacuuming, mopping or dusting.  Nor should you settle for ordinary maid service when you can have the best in Eco-friendly home cleaning and aromatherapy.  Leave city bustle behind in a luxury home for rest and rejuvenation.  Our unique apartment cleaning services offer just that to select areas of downtown New York.

We exceed expectations whether you’ll looking for full luxury house cleaning services scaled to city apartment living or move out cleaning designed to satisfy landlords.

We’re Zen Home Cleaning

Unlike an ordinary maid service, we’re dedicated to a healthy indoor environment and your peace of mind.  Founded by an interior designer frustrated with available green cleaning services, Zen originally served areas in Manhattan and Brooklyn before expanding our cleaning services to include selected areas around Downtown San Francisco.

We set high standards for ourselves with all staff members undergoing rigorous interviews and background checks before receiving extensive training.  They use only non-toxic eco-friendly products, including our own line of natural green house cleaning products.

There’s no need to just take our word for it.  Check out what leading publications Daily Candy, 944 Magazine as well as world-class newspapers like The San Francisco Chronicle and The Wall Street Journal have to say about us!

Luxury Apartment Cleaning Services

We provide absolutely thorough apartment cleaning for a dust-free environment with shining floors, counter tops, windows, and mirrors.  We fully detail the kitchen and bath, taking care of details other service providers miss.  Just let us know your particular concerns and we’ll make sure that they’re attended to.

But when we clean your apartment we go beyond sparkling clean to create a 5-star resort experience.  Your freshly-made bed will greet you with a thank you card and an organic chocolate or other treats.  Our additional high-end services can include organizing your belongings and keeping things in order with subtle arrangements for both convenience and aesthetics.

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Green Cleaning

Coming through the front door you’ll be greeted by lemon grass or other natural aromatherapy oils rather than the odors of chemical cleansers and synthetic air fresheners.  We believe that indoor air quality is essential to your well-being and use only gentle non-toxic products from sustainable sources, including our own green house cleaning products.

Apartment Move-Out Cleaning

Moving out?  Let us take care of the cleanup during what’s no doubt a hectic and stressful time.  Our apartment cleaning service is always right on schedule and includes everything a landlord wants to see:  floor to ceiling dusting (including trim and door frames), spotless floors, walls, and windows, and sparkling clean tubs, showers and shower doors, faucets and sinks.  Kitchen appliances clean and sanitary inside and out.

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