Green Cleaning FAQs

Our General Green Home Cleaning includes a thorough cleaning of all surfaces, floors, counter tops, baseboards, mirrors, furniture, and windows. Unlike other cleaning services, our cleaning consultants will always clean corners and underneath beds and other furniture. We will move objects on counter tops and shelves in order to clean underneath them. Our Green Home Cleaning also includes kitchen and bathroom disinfection. We also provide our signature amenities of apartment aromatherapy, complete bedroom turn-down service with organic chocolates and herbal tea left on the bed and final bed treatment of a Lavender linen mist.
Our experience has been that four hours is the shortest amount of time in which we can complete a Green Home Cleaning for even the smallest apartments. Because our cleanings are so thorough, our cleaning consultants need the time to clean, scrub, and dust all the corners of your rooms. First-time appointments also take the longest to complete because our cleaning consultants are not familiar with the layout and condition of your space.
When you book your first appointment with a Zen Home client services representative, you will most likely receive an estimate of how many hours we think we need to clean your home. We may also suggest booking a complimentary walk-through estimate with one of our Quality Control Supervisors to ensure that we allot enough time and cleaning consultants for your appointment. We book estimates for all Power Cleaning appointments.
Our Power Cleaning service includes everything provided in a General Cleaning, and more. This cleaning is very intense and detailed, and requires at least two cleaning consultants. We clean all kitchen appliances inside and outside, including your refrigerator and oven. We clean inside your kitchen and bathroom cabinets and organize the contents. We perform a full dusting and cleaning of all bookcases and CD racks, inside and outside of windows if they are safely accessible from the outside, lighting fixtures and ceiling fans, ceiling moldings, and any other surface that might need cleaning. 
We are happy to perform laundry services for you as long as the facilities are located inside your building. Please be aware that laundry services usually adds additional time to appointments, depending on how many loads need to be washed. We ask that clients provide their own detergent and money for the machines. Please be sure to inform the cleaning consultants of any special garment-care instructions. 
Zen Home cleaning consultants bring all cleaning agents, sponges, and towels with them to Green Home Cleaning appointments. However, for sanitary reasons, we ask that clients provide some basic cleaning tools of their own. Clients should have a toilet bowl brush, a mop and bucket, a broom and dustpan, a step stool, and garbage bags. Vacuum cleaners are suggested for heavy duty dusting and homes with pets. Keep in mind that the better quality these tools are, the more efficient our cleaning consultants can be. For example, if you have a good vacuum cleaner, we can more efficiently clean underneath your furniture and other dusty corners than if you had only a broom and dustpan. We do have some of these items available for purchase from our office, so please advise if you would like us to deliver any cleaning tools to you. 
 Zen Home uses their own signature cleaning product line of eco friendly and non toxic cleaning products. When sourcing the right manufacture we did months of product research before making our final decision. We also insist on corporate as well as ecological responsibility, and we purchase only from companies who demonstrate this same commitment. Zen Home product line is also available for purchase at our Zen Home Shop.
Our office staff makes every effort to accommodate our clients’ busy schedules. Availability for appointments varies depending on the time of year and the amount of advance notice we have to look into our calendar. We tend to get the most appointment requests for Mondays and Fridays. The spring and fall are the most popular times for Power Cleanings. 
 We are happy to book recurring appointments on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis. Unfortunately, we cannot currently accommodate requests for appointments on a different schedule structure.
We always strive to keep your Zen Home experience consistent. Though we cannot guarantee that you will always have the same cleaning consultant we can however commit to giving you an outstanding Zen Home experience with any cleaning consultant that we schedule to service your home.
At Zen Home, we treat your home as we would our own. However, in the event that an object is accidentally damaged, please notify our office within 24 hours of your appointment, and we will take action to provide compensation. We understand that our clients have sentimentally valuable items which may not be replaceable, which is why we take extra care in your home to be respectful of all your belongings. We are licensed, bonded and fully insured.
Zen Home cleaning consultants are specially selected based on their ability to pass our rigorous product and service training. They understand that they are part of an quality-oriented company that provides an elite level of service. We also have unique quality control measures in place to help ensure consistency in our standard of service.
All cleaning consultants must have considerable cleaning experience prior to employment with our company. We hire employees after a lengthy interview and orientation process. Each cleaning consultant must complete several weeks of product and service training with our Quality Control Supervisors. The owner of Zen Home personally ensures that all cleaning consultants are diligent, courteous, and trustworthy.
Most of our clients are not home during their Green Home Cleaning appointments. Some clients let us in before they leave for work. Some clients leave keys with their front desk staff or have keys on file at our office. We have some clients who feel more comfortable being home for their Green Home Cleanings. Whatever your preference, we are happy to make your Zen Home experience pleasant and convenient.
Many of our clients have pets, and we are happy to clean around them. We even have a special pet-hair-removal training session for our cleaning consultants! If your pets tend to get anxious around strangers, it may be a good idea to keep them in an enclosed area until they become accustomed to your cleaning consultant.
We require all clients to keep a valid credit card on file in our office. We process all payments one day prior to Green Home Cleaning appointments.
While tipping is not required, it is customary for excellent service. Some clients leave cash or a check for their cleaning consultants; others prefer to have our office staff add a gratuity to their appointment payment.
We offer a referral discount that entitles you to 10% off your next Green Home Cleaning when you refer a new client to our services. If you refer a client to us, who schedules weekly or biweekly services you will receive a 4 hour complimentary cleaning! We also offer seasonal discounts through our e-newsletters, Facebook and Twitter accounts.
While we are sensitive to last-minute schedule changes, we require 48-hours notice for all cancellations. Due to the high demand for our services, we charge a $35 cancellation fee for all appointments canceled after this 48-hour window. Because we compensate our employees for last minute schedule cancellations, we charge the full amount of the appointment if you cancel with less than 24-hours notice. If a Zen Home cleaning consultant arrives at a scheduled cleaning appointment and is unable to gain access to your home, we are unable refund the charge for the appointment.
We welcome feedback from all of our clients, as we are always trying to improve our services. Please call or email our office to share your experience with one of our client services representatives. If you are ever unhappy with our services tell us and we will make it right immediately. Our service guarantee is that we will send someone back within 24 hours of service to reclean any areas of concerns free of charge. If you are happy with our services good news travels fast and help us by spreading the word about our wonderful services by leaving your feedback on the Zen Home website, Google or Angie’s List directly.