Luxury Green Cleaning in The Upper West Side, Manhattan

Residents of the Upper West Side enjoy having every niche and corner of the home cleansed and purified by our attentive Zen Home Green Cleaning Consultants.

Imagine you arrive home after a long day and as you open the door and with your first breath know that a Zen Home Green Cleaning Consultant has diffused lemongrass, jasmine, or lavender essential oils, depending on your preference, into the air.

Your freshly changed linens have received a lavender linen mist treatment to create a nurturing bedroom environment. An organic chocolate and a sachet of herbal tea are on the pillow as an invitation to relax… have returned to your own Zen sanctuary!

Our Green Cleaning service provides an incomparably thorough home cleaning in the Upper West Side that reflects Zen Home’s commitment to a holistic, green, NYC lifestyle. Always dressed in uniform, Zen Home Green Cleaning Consultants meticulously clean your home or apartment using Zen Home’s signature eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning product line. To ensure our high standards and 5 star level of service, our Quality Control Team stops in unexpectedly on cleanings, all of which include our signature amenities.

Upper West Side residents can schedule Zen Home Luxury Cleaning Therapy on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis.


Why Choose Zen Home

Zen Home will pamper your interior with a five-star level of service you would expect to find within the peaceful environs of an exclusive spa. Essential oils such as lavender, jasmine, and lemongrass are diffused throughout the home to cleanse and purify the air. A lavender bed mist treatment is applied to freshly changed linens, and organic chocolate and herbal tea is left on the pillow.
In line with our holistic, environmentally responsible approach to home therapy, we use only eco-friendly, non-toxic organic products. This assists our clients in enhancing the positive energy flow of their spaces while reducing their carbon footprint.
We provide a more detailed level of service than other cleaning services, and our employees are specially trained in subtle organizing skills. After a Zen Home cleaning your home will not only be sparkling clean, but the aesthetic of the home will be enhanced as well.
Zen Home Cleaning Consultants must have considerable cleaning experience prior to employment with our company. We hire employees after a lengthy interview and orientation process. Each cleaning consultant must complete several weeks of product and service training with our Quality Control Supervisors. The owner of Zen Home personally ensures that all cleaning consultants are diligent, courteous, and trustworthy.
More than simply providing green services for the home, we assist others in leading ecologically-responsible lives. We host seminars for our staff on green living and offer a free incentive to clients who convert to green energy.


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